April 17, 2014


Beach Clean-up
Our employees will all be trained for proper handling of plastics, trash, medical waste, oil and chemicals.
There is a strong need for this work to be done. Plastic waste, previously thought to be indestructible, has since been found to break down within a year of the trash hitting the sea water.

Disaster Relief
Our supply ship has launch boats making it the ideal vehicle to deliver equipment, supplies, and personnel to areas that are inaccessible by land. Wounded Nature’s ship maintains a large inventory of fresh water in recyclable containers that could be taken ashore quickly.

Wounded Nature’s publicity will educate people about the need for keeping our beaches, estuaries, and oceans clean. Our blogs, press releases, and media appearances will repetitively stress these points.

Marine Research
During each segment of the trip we will offer one billet to someone working in marine research. This could include a scientist, student, aquarium curator, or book author.

Media and Public Relations
Media and Public Relations combined with education are just as important as actually cleaning up the beaches. Training the public not to discard their trash will save as many marine animals as removing the trash.

Veteran Reintroduction
This is not our core mission but a vital component to carry out our missions. Every 30 days Wounded Nature will welcome 3 prequalified veterans (plus an alternate) from the Wounded Warrior Project. Each veteran will have already completed their rehabilitation treatments and are deemed by their medical team fit for work.


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